ALTOCHEM CO., LTD. is a company who makes Synthetic orthopedic casting tape & splint

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SPLINT Machine

Specification : Splint Machine
Product Splint Manufacturing Machine ( Fiber Glass / Polyester/ Non-woven Fabric )
Production Range * Pre-cut Splint ( Width : 2inch - 6inch / Length: 10inch - 45inch)
* Roll Splint ( Width : 2inch - 6inch / Length: 4.5 meter(5yds) )
Production Capacity Max. 1,000m/10 hours
Packing Type Aluminium Pouch Packing
Utility Consumption Electricity : 50Kw except for air conditioning facilities
Air pressurer Over 10Hp
Required Site Raw Material Storage : 200 ㎡
Production Area : 200 ㎡
Products Storage : 200 ㎡
* Additional spaces for office , laboratory, etc. should be considered.
Electricity Power AC220V 60Hz, 30∮,10kwh
Air pressure Over 10Hp
Resin Feeding Type Hose Line Pump
Work Space (cm) 1800Wx150Lx270H(cm)
Pad Sealing Method Ultrasonic sealing
Utility Expecting Air(5~8kgf/㎠)
Minimum Cutting size 30inch

Splint Machine

Altochem can supply whole system of Synthetic fiberglass Splint Machine.

ALTOCHEM, Splint Machine Manufacturer

ALTOCHEM was established in 2002 started as a chemical product manufacturing company supplying Surgical consumable products including bandages, casting tapes, splints, casting tape machines for medical use. Especially, not only manufacturing Synthetic fiberglass casting tape & orthopedic splint, also we have been supplying all the raw materials, production lines and techniques to other manufacturers as a total service. With the proven high quality, we have been supplying synthetic casting tapes and splints in Korean and overseas markets.