ALTOCHEM CO., LTD. is a company who makes Synthetic orthopedic casting tape & splint

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ALTO Solution

For synthetic orthopaedic casting tape & splint

ALTO Solution

Raw materials with the proven qualities

ALTOCHEM has been supplying the raw materials for the production of synthetic orthopaedic casting tape and splint to the majority of the manufacturers since 2002. Especially ALTO PU Resin and Fiberglass Tape are the most important key elements to the products quality that we have received high reputations from all users.

Fiberglass/ Polyester Tape

ALTO fiberglass / polyester tape has excellent tensile strength and stretches very well in all directions that allows casting tape and splint high performance in moulding the contours of the human body especially bony prominences such as joints, ankles and heels.

ALTO fiberglass Tape has no needle-sprouting problem. When cutting, fiberglass sprouts up and becomes painful needles but our unique heat treatment leaves no hazard.

Polyurethane Resin

ALTO PU Resin contains special oil instead of surfactant for lubrication. So it is not foamy and not sticky while applying, and its surface is very smooth after hardening.

ALTO PU Resin is designed to be hydrophilic that makes the water reaches deep into the resin. So it has super high compression strength and adhesion between the tape layers.

ALTO PU Resin is being used high quality stabilizer so that it has outstanding storage stability and does not have unpleasant chemical smell and does not produce dioxin by incineration.

Technical Service

ALTOCHEM provides our client with full technical service such as Mass production, PU Resin mixing system, Dehumidification system, QC management, Maintenance.

Etc-Raw materials & Part for ALTO Cast & Splint