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Water Base Material

Waterborne adhesive

Waterborne adhesive is a specially modified vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) copolymer to offer excellent adhesion to a wide variety of difficult-to-bond substrates, the emulsion is poly (vinyl alcohol) stabilized for good wet tact, setting speed and excellent mechanical property. Waterborne adhesive can be used to produce plasticizer-free adhesives that deliver bonding that remains permanently with flexibility and resistance to aging. Waterborne adhesive shows better adhesive and cohesive strength at elevated temperatures a versatile balance that renders adhesives with very good heat resistance. And when plasticized, the heat resistance is less adversely affected than with other VAE copolymers. The excellent flow property and very high setting speed of waterborne adhesive make it ideal as a co-blending emulsion for polyurethanes or other polymers in a variety of medium- to high-speed machine applications. Primary applications include Synthetic leather market adhesive, between vinyl laminating and textile. Waterborne adhesive has been used successfully in synthetic leather adhesives for PVC sheet and textile or polyurethane sheet and textile, which benefits from its high cohesion strength.
Grade Solid% Viscosity Properties Application MSDS
611W 45% above



Two component Leather DOWNLOAD
630 45% above One component DOWNLOAD
630G 45% above DOWNLOAD
650 45% above DOWNLOAD
801 45% above DOWNLOAD

Aqueous Hardener


-Improve Adhesion to wide range of materials : Woods, Metals, Plastics
-Improve Water and Chemical resistance
-Improve Hardness and Abrasion resistance
-Good Anti-yellowing and Weathering properties
-Improve Hydrolysis resistance
-Improve Heat Resistance
-Lower the surface tension
Grade Solid% Solvent Viscosity NCO% Properties Application MSDS
AK-2000 99% above -


(25℃, cps)

17±1% Wide-use Adhesive
AK-2600B 90% above - 8±1% Paint
AK-1100 90% above - 16±1% Leather