ALTOCHEM CO., LTD. is a company who made
Synthetic orthopedic casting tape & splint

We have made a valuable history with our goods and mind.
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Historical memory

20years technical experiences / 25 countries exporting record
Korean military hospital supplier for two years in a row
overseas local site installation for manufacturing machine.

Fiberglass / Polyester / Non-woven substrate

ALTOSPLINT™ is a synthetic orthopaedic product intended for the emergency and temporary use.
Its outside pads are non-woven fabric and the inside is 7~8 layers of fiberglass or a single layer
of non-woven substrate impregnated with water-activated polyurethane resin.

Exposure to any moisture will cause the splint to become rigid.
The setting time is approximately 4 minutes and it takes
20 minutes for weight bearing.


1. ALTOSPLINT™ does not require gloves for application.
2. ALTOSPLINT™ has superb x-ray permeability, which allows taking x-ray with the splint.
3. ALTOSPLINT™ makes it easier to shape the contours of the human body especially bony prominences such as joints, elbows, ankles and heels.
4. ALTOSPLINT™ roll type is economical sine you can cut the roll as long as you require.
5. ALTOSPLINT™ pre-cut type is simple to use it has various lengths.

No needle-sprouting phenomenon

When cutting, fiberglass sprouts up and becomes painful needles but our unique heat treatment leaves no hazard.

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